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Week 16

Idea #14: Remix is the Art of Your Time!

For my remix activity I decided to go to all of my classmates’ blog posts and pick the fifth word that I saw and then make like a random sentence using all of the fifth words from their blog posts so I couldn’t have been able to complete this assignment without the help of my classmates and their blog posts.

The freedom of the internet culture is that you have the ability to say or do whatever you want without anyone knowing who you really are in person unless you put your face in your profile picture which brings me to the fear of the internet culture which is that people will try to harass or stalk you if you aren’t being careful so stay safe out there fellow samaritans.

My thoughts about copyright that it is a totally okay thing to do if you don’t want your own ideas or creativity to be taken or stolen away and then having it being branded as not yours. I don’t really know that much about copyright except that if you steal an idea and don’t give credit to the original creator then you can get in trouble like in YouTube.

I didn’t choose any license for my work because I didn’t really think it was necessary but if someone were to use my “ideas” I would just want them to ask me for permission if they wanted to use it.

The way that I did my remix activity was by doing it like a sort of poem as described from Glenn in the activities index and so I went to all of my classmates’ blog posts and took the fifth word that I saw to make a random sentence. The surprises that came with this activity was that there were some words that were constantly being used and the way I kept track of that was by putting tally marks under the words that I would see more than once. The challenges for this activity was that most of the sentences didn’t really make sense as in the grammar sense. I don’t think there was an insight for the sentences but it could have an insight depending on the person that reads it.


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